Jan 26, 2010

Google Chrome Drag and Drop fun

You must be browsing this page with Google Chrome, if so, open any website (www.google.com will work fine) in another tab and then drag the Windows 3.1 image (below) and drop it over the other website tab, you should get Windows 3.1 running there (Iframe). You can also inject Microsoft web site doing the same with the other image.

With Google Chrome any code can be injected from a website to another website by drag and drop. This feature is not available in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

I wonder if this can be abused in some way?


SkyLined said...

I opened a bug for you in the Chromium project:

Cesar Cerrudo said...

@SkyLined ok, and what about the issue mentioned here: http://nomoreroot.blogspot.com/2010/01/little-bug-in-safari-and-google-chrome.html
don't you think it should be fixed too?

SkyLined said...

There's a bug open for that one too:

May I suggest you open a bug yourself next time? That way you can easily track progress as well. http://crbug.com/new